Welcome to Hill Country Ford’s Service Department

Maybe your car is making a mysterious clunking sound at low speeds or it’s not handling as well as it should. Or perhaps your check engine light came on and you aren’t sure how severe the problem might be. Whatever is ailing your vehicle, bring it to Hill Country Ford in Goldthwaite, TX and we’ll have our team of skilled technicians diagnose, quote, and repair the problem. From brake service and transmission problems to more serious engine repair, Hill Country Ford is your go-to service center in Goldthwaite, TX.

Why Choose Hill Country Ford Service Center?

There are a lot of places to bring your car when it’s time for regular maintenance or periodic service, but we’re confident our service center will live up to your high standards. That confidence stems from our team of technicians who are qualified to bring you the best service in the area.

It’s not fun to be without your car. That’s why getting your vehicle finished as quickly as possible is our top priority. Our team is up front about how long it will take to service your vehicle. Your vehicle is part of your family. So treat it that way. That means only taking it to trusted professionals when it is need of service.

Certainly, our top priority is fixing your car the right way so you aren’t faced with a similar problem in a few weeks, but the speed at which we do so is a close second. We’ve all been without our cars for a few days and it makes life all the more challenging. So when you bring your car to Hill Country Ford, you can find peace of mind knowing we’ll do whatever we can do get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

Quality Licensed Parts

Remember the way your car performed when you first drove it off the lot? That was because all the parts and components under the hood were completely new and operating at their peaks. But over time, parts start to wear and deteriorate, which negatively affects your car’s performance.

So when you bring your car to Hill Country Ford for maintenance or repair, we make sure those parts get replaced with quality licensed Ford parts that will remind you what an excellent car you own. We don’t take any shortcuts in replacing parts, so if we don’t have it in stock, we’ll order the part and get it installed on your car in no time at all.

When you settle for lesser replacement parts, your car will pay the price. Not only will it lose some of its performance and fuel efficiency, but it also may affect the car’s longevity and reliability. We don’t make compromises when it comes to your car, and that is a promise we can keep.